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How to Choose the Right SS Commercial Kitchen Chimney Manufacturers in Pondicherry

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The SS Commercial Chimney is one of the most important pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen. It is responsible for removing smoke, grease, and odors from the air. A good quality chimney can make a big difference in the quality of the air in your kitchen. There are many manufacturers of SS Commercial Kitchen Chimneys in Pondicherry Choosing the right one can be a challenge. There are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a manufacturer. The first thing you should consider is the size of the chimney. The chimney should be able to handle the amount of smoke and grease produced by your kitchen. It should also be able to vent the air out of your kitchen quickly.

About Chef Style Kitchen Equipment

Mohanraj Velayudham who worked in a corporate organization and quit his job a Started his own manufacturing unit in Chennai Chef Style Kitchen Equipment is Chennai based company located in a hot city Guindy who has more experience in commercial kitchen equipment built his own knowledge and every product is uniqueness.

Chef Style Kitchen Equipment and exhaust system products are all available in customized and regular products for the customer the product is of good quality and manufactured by skilled labors a fine finishing quality one-stop solution for all your kitchen solution and a perfect kitchen layout for your kitchen and restaurant. Our products are high in demand due to their premium quality and affordable prices. Furthermore, we ensure to timely delivery of these products to our clients, and through this, we have gained a huge client base in the market.

SS Commercial Kitchen Chimney Manufacturers in Viluppuram

Important Tips for Buying a Kitchen Chimney in Pondicherry

What is Commercial Chimney?

Chimneys have become an important item on the list of essential gadgets for every household. The Advantages of chimneys are innumerable. Besides keeping your kitchen clean, they also drain out foul air. With this product’s correct type at home, you can eliminate the sticky grease from kitchen room tiles and walls. There are islands, wall-mounted, and corner model types that you can install. Moreover, you can choose filtered and filter fewer chimney models too. The models add elegance to your kitchen with their innovative finishing.

What are the Benefits of SS Commercial Chimneys?

  • Simpler, More Affordable Installation
  • Longer Life Span
  • Safety
  • Easier to Clean and Maintain
  • More Energy Efficient
  • Helps in removing fumes and smoke
  • Oil-free Kitchen
  • Recycling Air
  • Reduces Heat During Kitchen

Know the Different Types of SS Chimneys for the Kitchen

  • Wall Mount
  • Built-in
  • Island
  • Corner

Wall Mount

There are several different types of commercial chimneys, including those that are wall-mounted, free-standing, and built into the ceiling. Wall-mounted chimneys are one of the most common types of commercial chimneys. They are often used in apartments and homes because they are less expensive than free-standing chimneys and they take up less space. Wall-mounted chimneys are available in different finishes, shapes, and sizes. Free-standing chimneys are taller than wall-mounted chimneys and are more expensive. They are often used in businesses that have high ceilings, such as warehouses. Free-standing chimneys are also more difficult to install than wall-mounted chimneys.


If you’re wondering how to choose the best kitchen chimney, you need to be fully aware of the many sorts. In this section, we talk about built-in cabinets, which are common in modular kitchen areas. Although they are also wall-mounted, they are integrated into the wooden furniture or cabinet above your cooktop.


If you are not particular about which type of chimney is best for a kitchen with a kitchen table in the center, you can opt for the island model. These products are hung from the ceiling and can be fitted anywhere in the room. They are ideal for a modular kitchen room with proper space. Adding much to the aesthetics of your room, they are available in various classy designs.


As the name suggests, SS Commercial Chimney models are installed in the corner. If you have a small space and a corner kitchen table, you can use these models. They are available in different types of filters and sizes. Apart from making your kitchen area look stunning, these products easily fit in for their compact design. These products come with different features. Some of them have push buttons while some have touch panels. The touch panel models are really easy to use. You just have to touch the panel to control the speed of the suction.

Mesh filter

As you are interested to know about the Different types of kitchen chimneys, you should learn about mesh filters at the beginning. As the name suggests, this filter has meshes that catch any type of solid particles like grease as the smoke passes through it. The mesh is either made from stainless steel or aluminum.

Baffle filter

The Baffle filter model is the greatest sort of chimney for an Indian kitchen, regardless of your question. Baffle filters are present in nearly all of these items that are sold in India. While the fume is discharged, the curved stainless steel meshes collect oil and other debris. When asked which type of kitchen chimney is best, the baffle filter is the ideal choice due to these factors. They only need to be cleaned once every three to four months.

Carbon filter

It is another type that comes up when you search for which type of kitchen chimney is better. They have a charcoal slate with holes which makes them better during operation. The holes absorb the dirt particles and grease. Unlike your water purifiers that have carbon filters, these items also have the same. They are well known for removing bad odors from food too. The carbon filters are also suitable for ductless models too. You should not worry much about maintenance and can clean it just twice a year.

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